Friday, September 10, 2010

sick track sesh Vol. 1 bros

this is a pic of my friend oscar wtf is he doing what a weirdo

what will this blog be about? What ev. mainly cool music and art and other cool thingies

I think I will start with a 'sik trak sesh' {LIVE edition} via youtube vids...

Slowdive - Soulvaki -When The Sun Hits
live version gives me chillz. fuckin killed it bros. I think this song is about a guy who isnt a vampire being in love with a female vampire and (opposite of 30 days of Night) watches his gurl get brnt 2 bcn .`~;when the sun hits:,~`.. Pretty kewl stuff maybe...

read this shit & tell meh no

Sweet thing, I watch you
Burn so fast it scares me
My game, please don't leave me
Come so far, don't lose me
It matters where you are
As the sun hits, she'll be waiting
With the coffins, under heaven
Hey hey lover, you're still burning
You're his song yeah

Wavves - Wavves - Side Yr On
Wavves with zach hill was so awesome. This zach hilled versh of side yr on is so rad, the new groove and slower tempo make my balls tingle.

Gucci Mane - Burrprint 2 - Antisocial
this isnt a live vid, but it is a totally wicked music vid of my BURRo, Gucci. He switched up tha stupid dupid retarded swag flow for sumthin a lil more appealin to tha ladies. Mylah (who the ef is mylah) destroys this shit with her perf soul sangin. Lil Gooch is totally halar. Beat is sic, shout to mah boi Drumma Boy 4 makin it boy.

Admiral Angry - Buster - Android\Specimen On
Admiral Angry produces some of the most angriest\brutal music I've ever heard. This is video 1 out of 2 that i found on youtube. not really feelin the zany 90s video effects, I am diggin the swagged out effects of the drummer.

end sik trk ssh vol 1

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