Friday, December 30, 2011


say what you want abt drake this shit bumps

i got DARK SOULS for christmas, been playing the shit out of it. the soundtrack is absolutely amazing, just like demon's souls. one boss that kept killing me relentlessly was the capra demon. fuck dat nigga. anyways his theme is pretty bad ass

my fave song of plague soundscapes, amazing climax at the end of the song

Monday, December 19, 2011

- The Slug Swell Scavenger -

nailed to the cross
for a single night
then resurrected the next morning
the slug left his mark
everywhere he went
leaving a trail of slime
between the cross and him
in a desperate attempt to stop his death

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



1. Shady Girl 04:06
Make the point that you want to make 
take what ever you want to take, i'll give anything 
streams she'll swim through washy water, with me 
more important than her father, easily 

Lay where ever you want to lay theres a price you'll pay 
do what ever you want to me, i'll take anything 
streams she'll swim through washy water, with me 
more important than her father, easily 

baby girl, i didnt want you to find out this way 
its crazy girl, the way youre thinking you can get away 
your legs unfurled, you know you do it to escape the pain 
dont be mad, its your fault things have to be this way 
eat your words, you know you want it every single day

2. Little Slugger 00:34

3. Thin Red Rope 03:40

down in the sand im relaxing in rum and ive been thinking about you while im getting baked in the sun
not a lot of ladies ever walk my way so im so sorry if i got carried away...
night after night its the same old thing i aint dreaming im just thinking about the swing and the sway
of a thin red rope attached to both our sides but the night she left was the night i died...

1, 2, 3, 4

all dressed up familiar look in her eyes she says tonight shes just gonna be one of the guys
but oh my my how those hips they lie
cause theres no way shes just a friend when shes shaking those thighs
night after night its the same old thing i aint dreaming im just thinking about the swing and the sway
of a thin red rope attached to both our sides but though its gone i still feel it inside...

baby, dont you say that that was fake, caus ei knew that you meant it
hate me, you can say it all you want but i wont believe it
please, i think its time for me to flee the scene

stone cold killer with a face like glass
i said im sick and tired of me and you lets just put it in the past
high hope swingin with my feet in the air
how could ya tell me that you love me and i dont even care
six arms swingin swiftly kick to the face
i said forget you and your friends i never wanted you to stay
six bong rippin with the best of my kin
you can forget about us i'll never see you again

4. All the other boys are jealous 02:28
listen you missed it 
but dont cry i'll fix this tonight 
you need me this time 
but not the last thousand 
you know daddy's right 
theres only one thing on my mind 

please tease me you cold bitch 
speak every word like you meant it 
i had a dream last night 
it wasn't about you 
oh no it wasnt about you... 

but i dont mind its fine 
i love when lie right in my eyes 
thats why this guy downed five 
the rest of my night i cried 

and all the other boys are jealous because you walked in right behind me, the only thing i wanted from you

5. God Hates you, Doomed America, for What You Have Done to Your Children 02:31

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i am what i was
i am what i eat
ive been feasting on nothing
but god for weeks

i am the world
and all that you see
theres nobody else
nobody but me

Saturday, November 26, 2011

H | P S - H \ P S

Hips' first full length album, titled "H \ P S", will be out sometime late december\early january in cassette form on CHILL MEGA CHILL records

1.Rut (No One)  02:26
2.Sup Babe 02:27
3.Things'll Never Change 02:17
4.Sorry Babe 02:51
5.Hole Hearted (free) 03:34
6.Cruisin' 01:34
7.Steady Sinker 03:06
8.Meteorite (Spend the nite with u) 02:22
9.Salted Slug 04:38
10.Georgia Summer02:09
11.Antipsychotic 04:18
12.Finally Babe 05:17
13.Sorry Babe (Reprise) 03:00

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Hip Hop Project GUTSPILL

heres the first single, Pill Guts

What the fuck is rapping Never do this shit again 

Im a one hit wonder down to fucking burn for sin 
I made this beat in an hour never do this shit again 
Put your dick on the counter let the circle jerk begin 
I never knew how easily it would be to dissect myself from me 
I don’t even try don’t know why existential illusions ive lost my mind 
I died on the cross for you, so bury your head, and fuck your life 
Suck my dick to get into heaven, follow the trail of slime 

we destroy the rules lemme break it down for you me and my boy chazzer be the real mccoy makin all of you other rappers unemployed 
its pointless these joints pills weed join in my death as I pour out all of me for all you to see 
gutspill bitch pleasurin your ears like a symphony like you cant wait for the next line neither can I, green stop signs killin me nose blown goes to show should have kept my lips sewn asked and found it now the habits more like an addiction 
its going down like a million rounds of ammunition and she getting in an acrobatic position and lickin her glistenin lips and she touchin the tip and she drippin and imma be bustin a chip off my shoulder I told her quit holdin it in and she finishin and imma be givin her something to dip it in don’t be so sensitive you know Im kiddin bitch 
why so fuckin serious? am I too much for your ears to muster? makin you delirious from my lyrical thunderin? lemme make it clear, ill make ya fans disappear, end ya career, and leave you in tears motherfucker

Thursday, November 3, 2011

chill mega chill welcomes hips

Things are about to get a lot noisier around here. We’re gearing up to welcome another face to the big, beautiful Chill Mega Chill family.

H | p s 

If there is one thing that Chaz Bell knows it is how to craft some perfect sunshiny surf pop tunes. Now if there is another thing that Chaz knows it is how to bury those pop tunes under layers of crunchy, buzzing noise. It’s the sour with sweet and no one keeps the balance better that H | p s.
Expect his self-titled debut album out very soon here on Chill Mega Chill!

Friday, October 14, 2011

follow me on twitter yall

Monday, October 10, 2011

3 New Hips songs

just uploaded 3 new hips songs that are gonna be on an upcoming full length, "The Slug Swell Scavenger"


Friday, October 7, 2011

The specks of sex dripping off your freckled face
the lustrous linings set at a steady pace
blistered running fingers across legging and lace
one more word and it will all go to waste
one more lick and the world i would taste
between me and you i could do without the space
between me and you i could do without the grace
on top of me, with my eyes i traced
The specks of sex dripping off your freckled face

Thursday, September 22, 2011


an isle ate her

this album was written and recorded during the darkest times of our lives

Sunday, August 14, 2011

new H | P S track - SALTED SLUG

YO! this is the new exclusive hips single for Cactus-Mouth's summer comp 'COOL CATS'. check that shit. im going away for a month or so tomorrow morning, and i wont have a phone or internet, so i dunno, send me off by telling yr budz abt this track. l8r yall

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is the most recent art ive done
all of them are 4 sale

'perspective 1' 14 x 17

'perspective 2' 14 x 17

abstraction with wate, pastel, 24 in x 18 in

"LOOM 1" 2 ft x 2 ft (phrenia)

mixtape cover art for PRODOTYPE

'beach cruise' 24 1/2 in x 28 in

'cum stain function' 5 1/2 ft x 3 ft

dream house 18 in x 24 in

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slug Swell EP

1.Mowe (Dipped Blue Bored) 02:19
Send experts to Mowe
We lusted, we fucked, but we laughed it off
and no one would ever give us any shit
oh how I'd be so fine
if you'd stop fooling yourself
fooling yourself with this guise
I dont even know where to begin...
cocked out the whore
took as you were, nothing less or nothing more


Every time I look at you I can't help but think about the time we fucked in your back seat
it cracks me up a bit
but I care more than you think
Send experts to Mowe
We lusted, we fucked, but we laughed it off

2.New Girls 00:18
3.Old Girls 01:58
4.Cypher Unknown 03:30
south sight, we'll be waiting
on a cold night figure skating
she sits inside masturbating
on the whole note we'll be singing
its something you should know...

That all that you're taking?
three is just fine, four's too many
feeling alright, palms are clammy
scratching my nose, feeling itchy

and it comes...
and it goes...
but still...
the cypher's unknown

Excess. Took too many.
feeling alright, feeling dizzy
I guess it's fine when you're twenty
what the fuck does that mean to me

and it comes...
and it goes...
but still...
the cypher's unknown

5....and I used to be Straight Edge 00:39

its always the same when they all fail to see
too quick to judge lips beg disagree
fumbling fumbling fumble with ease
no one can understand but honestly how could they
so desperate for care yet eyes want to see me
fuck up so bad they ignore what it means
i am what i will and i am what i eat
ive been feasting on nothing but god for weeks
i am the world and all that you see
theres nobody else nobody but me
i am the world and the world is me
theres nobody else nobody else

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


one day i will be dead and i wont feel like this anymore

Monday, June 27, 2011


i just slow sip puh puh po me up styrofoam tripled up
the end of gucci's verse is a whole beat off lol wtf


best gooch song in a while

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Youth On Pills

aight so i just put the album up, check it out, dl it for however much u want, tell your pals

So i wanted a lot of noise on this EP, a lot more than the last releases. Musically, its not all about the song. its about the song and the atmosphere that it sits in. I really wanted the songs to have a setting. theres a lot of non musical elements, that was also something i tried to do, using noise along side the music, its like using non objective markings in a painting of fully rendered woman. The music is trying so hard to breathe under suffocating layers of distortion and feedback and random noisez and fuzz, but under all that theres catchy hooks and memorable lines, you just have to take the time to find/notice them. Theyre pretty personal songs, The lyrics read like a diary. I want ppl to read these super personal and private thoughts and be like 'yo i feel dat'. Theres nothing better than spilling your guts to someone and then them feeling the same shit that you thought you only felt, i dunno its awesome, its why i do art, to connect with ppl. so ya check it out, free gucci, skinny niggas runnin shit

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yeh dude

Youth On Pills

the whole thing drops monday
heres 2 songs

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

the youth of today


What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Apr 2011SioneMy suggestion is this. Get some accomplishment. Spend a week learning survival techniques, really, really learning and then at the end of that week run away. Run away to the mountains and walk as far out as you can. Then just try to survive. If you live you live, if you die you die. But maybe while you are out there trying to survive you will gain a new appreciation of life and if you make it through the ordeal you will want to live and live life fully. This is what I plan to do anyhow. I hope this helps
26 Apr 2011KillmenowMy dad abuses me and I went to school with marks. They called ACS. But he lied and got away with it.
23 Apr 2011defI think you should take a train... on the rail
23 Apr 2011DeliciousIm 33 years old i have no 1 i lost my kids over 2 and ahalf years ago i cant see them and i almost died last year i dont want 2 live what do i have 2 live 4 rite now nothing
22 Apr 2011KelseyHonestly.... I have been suicidal since the 3rd or 4th grade.. All because my nana, the only person besides my duggie of a dad, was the only one to care about me. She died 2weeks before my 8th birthday. The first time i tried commiting suicide i tried to sufficate myself. But my friend found me and snitched on me. And every since ive tried over dos, drowning, suffication, etc. Ive never tried to cut myself bc its too painful. But my mom is a bitch and my two little sisters are evil (im 14 by the way) and i see no point in living. My dad has been in and out of jail for not paying hild support for my half brother since i was born. Hes the reason why i dont believe in promises... He broke them... And i feel alone 24/7 but i igure if i put a fake smile on my face then ill make it... But all it does is make it worse on me. My boyfriend of 2years on and off (bc we live 600miles away) keeps telling me that my depression stage will go away i i wanted it too and i "will" stop thinking negativly. But he doesn know. And my loving him with all my heart and the things we have been through and everything just puts more crap on me... Plus my mom doesnt even understand about my suicidal thoughts. She doesnt believe that im depressed or anything... In a way i want to live and make my nana proud but then again i want to die to be with her. Which creates another problem... Heaven and hell... I i were to kill myself id probably go to hell but God forgives His children of sin... I dont know anymore.. But one thing i know... Believe cant be spelled without "lie"..... And i just want to die..... If anyone feels this way please talk to me!!
21 Apr 2011noahhi i am noah and my life is horrible i have 2 freinds but they hate me now my gf just broke up with me and every day i go to school i am called name im punched it is really sterting to get to me i have never really felt this way before i am 12 and i have had 1 girlfreinds and i dont think that i will ever get another i feel as if i am nothing but a waste of space and sometimes i look back into my life and if i were to kill my self somewhere around 200 people would be over joyed
21 Apr 2011AveReginaI´m 13 years old and i wanna kill myself. Almost everybody in my class hates me and they usually humiliate me. I really need somebody to talk with :(
19 Apr 2011una thinking about the absurd after reading camus and drawing tender hearts with ones own breath on the bell jar keeping you detached from the outside.

a more pragmatic approach to it, just taking a deep breath while isolating the kitchen from the outside word.

if all this should fail, you my dear, ought to stay alive.

by una
19 Apr 2011renaluvwel wen i stareted thinking about it waz wen i waz about 8 n now im 11 but i think about it now cuz my mom yakes her boyfriend side over me n she favorez mmy 2broz n lil sis but wen itz me im out of the picture so ive cut myself on my wrist n tried 2 runaway but wen i think about it my lyfe i say y wood i kil myself wen they r da 1z that need 2 b killed but nevr had da guts 2 so ill keep tryin n although her bf waz on my side he btraded me n kept sayin he waz gona leave but nvr dnt n im bein abused stil only by my mom it seemz lyke she hates me so i say she do i spoke 2 pple about my problem but then stopped cuz then they wood go n tel my mom so i dnt evn want her 2 see my kidz if i hve any but yal can either reach me at facebook:misslady nay or twitter:renaluv1
18 Apr 2011CameronLook i suppose i dont really have anything as bad as u guys happen to me in my life im 13 and life isnt worth living iv tried to be happy and yes drugs and drink help i get high and pissed and have a good time but then i just get sad afterwards my idea is either constantly be high or kill myself whilst i am high and drunk i though about going crazy drinking loads buying tons of weed and killing myself that way but that is un practicale so someone please just tell me the best way to commit suicide i have problems but im not going to tell them on here cause im not seeking help im seeking a cowards way out i shall get high and pissed and kill my self whilst im still laughing its the best way to go never mind getting old i may not do it yet i maybe will wait a few years maybe make a list of 50 things i wanna do before i do it things like dont die a virgin and stuff the important stuff in live (and thats not me being sarcasstic i honsestly belive that no one should die a virgin) so tell me people the best way to go (and nothing to hard because i am clumsy when im high) thanks all please respond i dont want sympothy
17 Apr 2011stephanieim 12 and i think the best way to kill yourself is by shooting yourself do it fast so the pain ends
17 Apr 2011Lauracutting
16 Apr 2011Two more days of lifeDo what my cousin did and what im going to do: take some sleeping pills stand on a balcony and when you start to fall asleep lean over the ledge i tried this on my bed as a test run and it just feels like a bad dream as your falling.
14 Apr 2011ceeceeIm only 13 and people say that im stupid for wanting to kill myself. No one knows what iv been through and honestly i cant do this anymore. I actually want to do it this time but i dont know how , can someone please tell me ?
14 Apr 2011Trevorcut yourself to death is the worst way,
a, it hurts too much.
b, u always get caught (tried it but had leaked with blood and parents always cleaned it up)
c, you realise that you want to do it again.
12 Apr 2011eric james briggsI feel like committing suicide and I might do it. I suck at life so bad its sad. Im 19 and I started taking Celexa, its an anti depression drug. I cant concentrate anymore, my grades are so horrible and my parents are pissed. Im just going to stop taking the drug. One thing that I hate is I cant get a girl freind i have tryed so hard, but seem to fail each time.

If you want to commit suicide, just call this number it might help:
1-800-DONT DO IT
10 Apr 2011JamieOk my daughters sister googled how to kill herself, and found the way to do it, as of now she is fighting for her life in ICU, I do not want this to happen to my daughter, her sister is her heart, and I want to know how in the world how to kill ur self is on the internet, she did not succeed, and may be perminently damaged for the rest of her life, not counting the huge scares up and down her wrist for the rest f her life, its NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 Apr 2011kawasakiman boys girls womens oldies why r u worrying too much just do suicide its best way to end any horrible life. just go to russia on tourist visa in next harsh winter and just sleep on any frozen river at -30*c and u will sleep forever. no blood no cutting no pain no health upset just a sleep!!!! in hypothermia !!! to rip.
09 Apr 2011SamanthaDrowning yourself, cutting yourself

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hips- New Track 'antidepressant', New EP, Yr a dingus

Changed the name from 'Hips like Cinderella' to 'Hips' cause its gnarlier. With that said Im droppin a new hips EP on 6/15 (dunno might change) called 'Youth On Pills'.
YOP albart my brah

This is the first track off it. Its somewhat different, sorta getting uninterested in the whole surf rock thing. but there will be some nice simple pop songs on there along with trax like this one.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Recent Art

These pieces are probably the most conceptual work I've ever done. I used to be like 'nah nigga fuck you and yo concepts bitch it should just look cool' but lately ive realized that concepual work is just as cool.

Self portrait/portrait of the world, 18 x 24 in, watercolor, acrylic, ink on wood panel
This was my 1st assignment for drawing 3. We had to do a piece that represented the struggle between nature and man. I rendered myself as a girl because im more emotional/sensitive than your average dude bro. I prob would have been better off as a girl or gaybro, but alas. Thats rotting fruit under the figure. It shows that we turn to man made things and ignore the natural world to make us feel better. I dunno i think its kinda fucked up that we do that. I feel like i explained that shittily oh well

Self portrait, 25x16 in, ink on dictionary pgs
This concept isnt nearly as complex. I painted my self on a bunch of dictionary pages that were taped together. I then de-taped them and stuck them back together in a effed up way. I underlined a lot of words that i feel define me or what others feel define me. Its sorta about how your true persona is nothing what anyone thinks it is. We all think insanely fucked up thoughts that we never tell anyone about. My outwards persona and other ppls perception of me is 'shattered' in this 'truer' rendering

untitled, 14x18 in, graphite on paper
Honestly dunno really what this concept is but at the same time i know, ya know? I was having like a shitty as fuck day last quarter and i went into life drawing pissed/sad i dont rly remember, but all i do remember is that I drew like a piece of shit that day and what you see above was me trying to render a womans head as best i could. It fucking sucked. A few days ago i was cleaning my room and found the drawing from that class. For some reason i thought it look so fucking cool, so i took it and went back over the erased lines, and i dunno it just looked awesome. I guess its something about finding beauty in things you once thought were ugly or looking at something in a new way then respecting it.