Tuesday, March 22, 2011

newest art

havnt been doing much art unless its for school or photography. mainly been using my free time for music. Anyways heres some life drawing assignments. theyre all charcoal/graphite on paper

This was my first assignment for life drawing and second self portrait ever, theres a few things wrong here and there, but its pretty cool

this is def one of my fave drawings

this is using a subtractive method. you color the entire thing black with charcoal then erase shit. its also a self port, doesnt rly look like me that much tho

this was my life drawing final. first time i ever drew my self naked

Monday, March 21, 2011

Death Grips

Death Grips is a hard af/brutal af, progressive, hallucinogenic fueled, "avant garde" as the kids say, hip hop project featuring my nigga ZACH HILL. Not a lot of info on this shiz, cant even find a band member list and what they do. pretty sure Zachy is playin the drums, dunno why he wouldnt, theres just a tiny small tiny smidjin of his style in the percussion area and a good amount of programmed/drum mechanization. this is probably the most laid back and reserved you'll ever hear zachy whilst drummin. I can hear more zach hill in the melodies and production rather than the beatz for which he is considered the gr8est of the universe. The song that sounds most zach hillish is the one in this vid

enough bout dat nigga zach hill lets talk bout dat nigga on the mic. He looks like a skinny rick ross. but he sounds about 1 trillion times better than rosssaaaayyyy. Hes hard as fuck. doesnt give a fuck. fuckin pissed. Cryptic lyrics beyond comprehension in som trax then str8 ^ honest lyrics about drug use in some others 'dmt to mdma got all dat shit and more so til dawn were okay' tthen commentary on the triviality of consumerism on others. hes a good boi. Hes one of those rappers that half/full yells his rhymes. I usually hate that shit minus a few ppl (FLOCKA WAKA FLOCKA FLOCKA FLOCKA)but this bro pulls it off and its not fake or melodramatic, its real. you can feel his pissedness and other cool emotions pierce your heart.

this is their 1st release titled 'death grips'. 13 tracks of child proof hip hop sodomy. dey droppin dat shi sometime soon prob with in a month or so

heres the tunes theyve released so far

song bout drugz

this is my fave d-grips track so far

swag as fuck beat

love how he just comes in it 1st thang murderin that shit
swag beat good work zachy