Friday, January 28, 2011

hips like cindy - short hair live acoustic

this was a pretty impromptu effed up jam sesh. in the video is me and my friend Maria who's going to be playing the bass and the vocals

this is a pic from the same night

it was a weird night

Thursday, January 27, 2011

aiah interview swag swag swag

Do you like your music insane, complex and loud as fuck? Then I do believe An Isle Ate Her might just be the band for you. This interview is interesting because it is the first I have had with more than one member of the band. Read on to learn about how the band came together, the origin on the band’s name and what the band’s plans for 2011 are.
Chaz — Matt

Can you tell me how the band came to be?

Matt: It started off when a band I was in way long ago played a show in Collin’s basement with their old band.  They ended up needing a drummer for a show so I practiced with them a couple times, but the show never happened.  Both of our bands ended up disbanding, so Chaz, Collin, and an older member of their band asked me to start Feeding the Foxes with them.  We had an EP, played shows and toured for about 2 and a half years until we realized that we could be writing much more complex and cohesive music.  That’s when we decided a name change was in order to suit the new material, and AIAH was born in February 2010.  We finally found Eric, who plays bass for us now and it rounded out the lineup perfectly.
How was the band name thought of?
Chaz: It came to Collin in a dream.
Yeah it was pretty random, haha.
The band plays a style of music that is, as best I can describe it, fucking chaotic. Did the band come together to play this style of music or did it evolve over time?
We’ve always wanted to write this style of music, but earlier it just wasn’t as possible as we thought.
When we first started, we thought we were really crazy and weird, and looking back, the music we were making then is nothing compared to what it is now. If the 2006 versions of ourselves heard the music we’re making now we would have hated it/not even considered it music. Back then we were in no way capable of writing/performing this music, which makes me excited to see where we’ll be in a few years.

You released an EP a little while back. Can you tell me a little about the writing and recording of it?
It was definitely written over time.  “A Core and Some Seeds” and “Tributary…” were written about a year before the EP was released, but we had changed or added riffs since then, and the other 4 songs were written in between summer 2009 and spring when we recorded it.  As far as the writing process goes, Collin will think of riffs, and play them over and over until he has a full song done.  Then, him and I will go through it riff by riff so I can add the drums, and in that time we’ll work out transitions, change rhythms, or anything else that needs to be done.  Chaz writes his lyrics and vocal patterns to fit with what we’ve done after that.  During the time of writing and recording, we didn’t have a steady bassist, so Collin did all those parts impromptu in the studio.  We also had a second guitarist at the time, Joey Kavanaugh, who isn’t in the band anymore, but he worked with Collin to write his parts that he recorded.  We recorded Desiderium with our good friend Paul Hundeby over at City Pro Recording in Orlando, FL.
We met Pauly last winter when we went on tour with his band City of Ifa. One of us would be in his bedroom all day recording parts while the rest of us would be smoking blunts with Jake, Ifa’s ex-drummer.
I did my drums first in a few hours, Collin and Joey did guitar parts, Chaz then did his vocals, and bass was recorded last.  It was kind of rushed, but fairly stress-less except for some click track issues…
And I forgot to do some vocals on “A Core And Some Seeds”, which I ended up recording in my bedroom in Georgia.
How was the EP recieved when it came out?
About as well as it could have. We play a very selective style of music so about 97.8% of the world’s population is going to hate it, but all the reviews online (that I’ve seen) have given it positive scores.
A lot of people that were into the style seemed to dig it, and tell other people about it.  We especially got a lot of love from the Apparatus (, a tech-metal/music message board that we all frequently post on.  All the members voted on the top EP of the year, and we got first place, over Dirty Projectors + Bjork even, so that was pretty rad.  Also, people started posting on Blogspots that A Core and Some Seeds was the demo version, it’s not!  If you got it with the EP, it’s the final version.
What comprises some of the lyrical content or themes on the EP?
While being as brief as I possibly can, the lyrics tell of an Alien whose race has evolved to the point where they no longer die nor reproduce. After millennia of existence, the main character or ‘the rogue’ grows tired of living. Each song details a separate attempt in which the rogue tries to commit suicide, but due to his immortality, he ultimately fails each time. After throwing himself into a volcano, he floats through earth’s mantle dissolved into billions of particles. After thousands of years he reforms to find that humans now have the technology to create black holes. The EP ends with the rogue detonating a bomb which creates a black hole that sucks him, along with the rest of humanity, into oblivion.

When can the full length album be available?
We have 3 songs as a full band completely done for it, and Collin has around 5 more songs written ready for us to write our parts onto, so we should be getting into that writing process pretty soon.  We hope to have it out by summer, or at least be recording by then.
What is in store for An Isle Ate Her in 2011?
Writing, shows in Georgia/bordering states, recording, hopefully a pretty long east coast tour in the summer.
New merch, the death of thousands of innocent virgins/babies.
All I suggest is for everyone to keep an eye out for us, our new stuff is gonna blow your brains out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


omg so perfectly lofi sounding

bitch i will kiss u when ev i want

shoop shoodooby doop

damn, feel the fuck out of these lyrics
Maybe, if I pray every night
You'll come back to me.
Maybe, if I cry everyday
You'll come bavk to stay.
Ohhhh, maybe...
Maybe, if I hold your hand,
You will understand,
And maybe, if I kissed your lips
You'll be at my command.
Ohhhh, maybe...

this shit was covered by franki valli. i dunno which 1 i like more the warm and fuzzy female vocs or frankie valli's powerful as fuck im a bad ass falsetto

many many nights roll by
I sit alone and cry
over you
what can I do?
cause baby its you

damn phat organ solo

so seductive
the bells in this are amazing

damn i bet all the moms and dads were freakin out about thr rebellious teenage child liking this song back when it came out. this one time i showed my mom hard in da paint by waka flocka flame cause i thought it might provide a funny situation but instead she almost started crying

holy shit flocka, soulja boy, and lil b all doing ad libs at the same fuckin time
'yo hoe talkin down, im chris brown, so i beat her'- lil b
holy fuck lil b that was pretty brutal

this song is kinda what ev but this intro is 2 god damn awesome
i love the shang's main vocs, she has a pretty unique voice for the era

ferociously gap toothed

so classic

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the 90s round 2

this looks like somethin a jerk would wear

The 90s are coming back so hard, just like the 80s did circa 2k6. They have been coming back ever since the 80s became cool to uncool ppl. Its only a matter of time before the uncool people figure this out and the 90s become insanely cool and thus uncool to cool kids, but around this time the early 2ks will start coming back and we will all start ironically wearing ugg/timberland boots and slap braclets and sharktooth necklaces and abercrombie and tall tees. This process will repeat itself over and over until stuff from 5 days ago is gay, stuff from 4 days ago is popularly cool aka uncool, stuff from 3 days ago is  ironically cool , and stuff from 2 days ago is gay. gotta write this blog before the 90s are cool again

fave 90s jams/albums

Trax from Slowdive-Souvlaki

sick live versh

Trax from Weezer- Blue album
some of these songs are overknown so im gonna post live vids from the 90s in their place
weezers like my in my top 5 fave bands of all time

holy shit this is some vintage weez. Rivers still rockin the bowl cut, wearing a yellow button up tucked into waist high grandpa pants lookin like a effin grandpa. This was as rivers became a international alt rock guy and tried to look like he was confident by doing cool stuff like meekly raising his guitar in the air, trying to make everyone think he confident when rly he is still just a nerd. and before he became self aware of his nerdiness and got a cool guy hair cut. The rad thing is he didnt even know what he was doing, he was just bein a guy. nowadays the majority of pop ppl's image is so thought out and so far from who they really are they might as well just be actors, but this shit is real as shit. just nerdy bros who liked kiss/ metalica/ beach boys (maybe it just cause they are from cali) making music IN THE GARAGE, and chillin hard
0:56: Break in jonas -> Raises guitar -> fuckin whole crowd screams -> MY NAME IS WAKEFEILD = fuckin swag

this is a gay youtube video

'yo guys we need to cool down, people are getting hurt' -patrick (i think i dunno)

dude this intro thing is radical
haha rivers changing god damn nice
damn their swag is all da way turnt up in this performance

acapella part= fuckin swag even if its out of key, thats why its fuckin swag

0:32 'up, gotta quit singing so i can figure out wtf i am doin on this bass shit'- matt sharp (cam cuts to rivers)
all these corwd shots rule
damn rivers bustin out all da sick licks
god damn he is fuckin feelin it on the solo

couldnt find another live vid from the 90s cept this rehearsal video (which might be even more bad ass)
feel this song so fuckin hard. it is the ultimate borderline in love with a girl who thinks yr a loser song
when ever i listen tot his song it doesnt seem like 8 min, cant help but lose yrself in the music the moment you better never let it go go

Trax from Weezer- Pinkerton

damn this performance is fuckin swag, doesnt relly seem like it came out in 96, you only know fersure cause matty is up there bein a doofus

b4 i get started, just wanna point a few things out. This is the best weezer song in their discography imo. the intro/post chorus thing is kind of the greatest thing ive ever heard in my entire life no joke
real song starts at 2:18 when matty says 'der duh dur der duh dun'- matt sharp, the rest of it is weezer being losers
looks like this was after the bowl cut with rivers trying to be a classic cool rock and roll guy by letting his hair grow long, right before he got the cool guy haircut
'(pat puh poou pah puh pat...) O hi there, i am pat, drummer for critically acclaimed alt rock band weezer. We are on our fuckin shit right now since this looks like it took place sometime late 90s. i am actually rly good at drums i just intentionally keep things simple for weezer because thats just the what the music calls for and since i am a drum expert i dont really care about showboating, that shits for amateurs/losers unlike myself'- Pat, drummer for critically acclaimed alt rock band weezer
dude what a bunch of effing losers doing the put hands in middle then fling them up while shouting some gay shit like yr band name thing. at least shout something a cool bro would say like 'Fuck bitches' or 'we are cool'- a cool bro

damn sounds like matt sharps fuckin pissed about something
'god dammit i wish i could sing/play bass i am so fucking pissed'-matt sharp
'yo matt play an E bro, so i can make sure yr in tune for you cause you suck at everything'- Rivers Coumu

feel these lyrics: "you see momma ima good lil boi... it all yr fault MOMMA, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT"

'god damn all you jap ass bitches, yr all gay, fuck you' -rivers cuomo
wow this is kinda a lazy ass performance, still swag, rivers gets pretty soulful in some parts. sounds like a hungry black woman'
aww shit bonus japanese interview. kinda weird seeing some calvin klein 90s teenager speaking fluent japanese.
'i dunno man japan ppl are just as crazy as americans they love us, prob because rivers only sings about hot japanese bitches on pinkerton our latest album, plz go pick it up in stores, everyone hates it but ine a few years everyone will be like we were totally gay and love it maybe' -Brian Bell (me and him are related)

damn, crowd gets hyphy for the lesbian song
3:03, tempo shift decrease also known as a retardo to music guys, fuckin swag

posting the real versh cause the beginning sounds effing awesome

0:12 'YO BRO' - me when i went to the weezer show in 96

bonus interview with a 90s non-babe girl trying to be cool by making sarcastic inside jokes about the album that only the band and their true fans will get

Trax from Jesus and the Mary Chain - Automatic
Automatic is JMC's version of pinkerton (but vice versa), meaning that everyone hated it cause it was dif from the original style of the band cause we all know that everyone who is gay and not cool hates progression.
this album came out in 89 but i dont give a shit about anything cause i am rly cool

do all you d-bags fully understand how str8 rockin this song is?
right when the track starts you gotta hold your hand in a fist in the air, while making a snarl face, while goose neck head bopping to the song, do it bro it will make you feel cool

this track is even more rockin than head on, get with it or gtfo
feel like robbie zombie's entire vocal style is highly influenced by this one song or some shit like that, ive never even heard like more than half of rob zombie song and i think it was when i watched hit 1999 film The Matrix. that part where neo (what a cool guy name right) meets trinity (what a cool bitch name right) for the first time in that cuuuhrrraazzzyy club

Trax from The Telescopes- Altered Perceptions

damn that singer looks pretty bummed, probly about some bitch that he loves but thinks hes a loser so he injects heroin via a perfect needle into his veins to deal with it

couldnt find a fucking vid of the track, 'dead hole ends', go dl the album and check that track out

Trax from My Bloody Valentine- Loveless
this is my fave MBV album

this song is fuckin tits plain and simple, signature MBV bending of notes but with a mega catchy hook organ part awwww yeeeah

this fucking song pierces my soul every time i hear it
meaningful as fuck

this is cool because it is live and from 91
this is gay cause like i cant see anything, wtf is even going on, omg

'yeh my uncle is rly cool, he went to golden gate bridge it was cool'-90s alt babe

aight thats a lot of vids, gonna do a part 2 l8r

to be continued

holy shit what if 90s are already uncool to cool ppl and i am just a gay popular culture guy who is just now thinking the 90s are coming back. damn i would be a total douche bag

Saturday, January 15, 2011


photography is a lazy form of art

bros 4 life

Everyone responsible for these posts, despite what you say or i say, are my bros/babes for life
'usually a bit suspicious when artists try to solicit my attention via @reply' -hahaha ye.
'speaker-blowing slacker anthem' -hell yes
'that classic MBV bending guitar line' -MBV reference is awsm/spot on
'heavy as fuck shitgaze ode to feeling numb and lost' -perfect
'pretty much swept me off my feet like a knight in shining armor might do to a Disney princess' -haha YES, awesome.
'That song sounds like Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark covering ivansxtc, with its back-of-the-throat New Wave vocals sung on top of a slow-dance, shoe-gaze song structure' -dont rly know what a lot of that means
germany or some shit, swayt
'Yes their name is a Pixies reference'- feel like i will 4evr get shit for this
'While listening to this EP for the first time my roommate turned on the vacuum cleaner in the other room, and it took me about 45 seconds to realize it wasn't part of the song'- bahahahaha awww yeah, thats pretty good.
hey u just copy and pasted not cool bro
Tyler is my bro, he discovered me
'how are we all feeling about Pixies-lyrics-as-band-names these days? Passé? No?' -its gay
'Haunting Thoughts of You has a weird, reaching middle section but a redemptive, transcendent closing chapter' -completely agree wit all dis
'cooing falsettos' -awww yeeeeah
'Der neue Song von Hips Like Cinderella passt sich wunderbar in die bereits zuvor erschienen Songs der EP ein!' -YE DUUDE
'It's Sleigh Bells meets Neon Indian' -...wat
'intensified by the deeply introspective lyrics'- wow first time anyones said anything about the lyrics
' I also appreciate the accompanying description for reasons I cannot explain - "check it out bby gurl"' girls love 2 be called bby gurl
'Hips Like Cinderella (Pixies)' -hips like cinderella (took band name from pixies lyrics)
'which for the record, is one of THE GREATEST band names I've heard in a long time!' -thx i stole it from the pixies in case you didnt notice
'The "Atlanta" tag seems to convey that Bell is an Atlanta native' I, Bell, am indeed an atlanta native
'Badass Atlanta shitgaze/shoegaze' -awww yeeah
'/post-sludge' -wat
'it will rape your eardrums' -it will rape you sweetly

ridin the blogbuzz wave for 5 min

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So a few weeks ago my boi gucci mane la flare got committed to a mental facility. now in all my years of experience what this usually means is that you got busted for something pretty nasty and in turn plead insanity 2 get off the hook without dealing with the bullshit. in an attempt to further trick the judge that he is insane, he got a effing ice cream cone with 3 scoops tat tatted on his effing face.

'who insane now bitch? yaaaaaaa'-Gucci Mane (La Flame)

he might be trying to make zach hill think that he is cool and not a retard

'yeah zach hill is going to think that this is cool' -Gucci Mane

lets think about gucci mane for a sec through his prolific art

remember this one of his first humongo hits, he wasnt crazy back then. or maybe he was i dunno
nicki minaj is in this video 4 sum reason, gooch prob thought he could get it in

I think this verse was Gucci's Peak
ear rings flashin bright like a blinker when i hold my wrist up its a turn signal

This blew my mind when i 1st heard it
i was like wtf this is crazy for gucci
but at the same time i was like awwwww yeeeeeaah
prob my fave gucci track of all time

best track off The Appeal, a failure of an album
there are some rly effective BRRRs on this track

which brings me to my 3rd point: gucci made an official statement the other day saying that its spelled BRRR, that there is in fact no U, even tho i def have an effing gucci mane shirt that def says BURRR  on it

maybe gucci mane is trying to make a shout out to Dorrough

You can rly see the tears swelling up in gucci's eyes after he has realized what he has done
I cant believe i had to do this to my beautiful face just so i could trick the judge into thinking i am insane   -gooch

'I cant believe gucci mane just got me to tattoo an ice cream paint job face tat on his face' -tattoo guy

'what happened to the old gooch?' -me

c u l8r old gucci

hello facetat gooch

i wonder what gucci mane is doing right now