Friday, September 24, 2010

4rth guy

Tera Melos recently released the best album ever made titled PAt Rts, and announced that they have trained a person to be the 4th guy in the band. He plays a lil synth, a lil guitar, and sings a lil.
In this vid we get to see him in action

hittin a few keys here in there, pluckin a few strings, takin a chl pll while the rest of the band does some stuff, singing a pretty sweet duet with nick, turning away from the crowd when he gets a lil awk, ect...then all the sudden. WOAAAAH SHIT MANAR THE MAGIC LIVE WHAAAAAAT

pretty psyched manar is apart of tha TM set list

Its one of the most interesting TM songs, when compared to a normal TM3l style trak.
I remember back in the day, before tm put these bonus songs on itunes and people uploaded them youtube/mediafire, if we wanted to listen to manar, we'd have to drive to someone's house who has a record play, bust out the vinyl, and play dat shit on a fuckin record player
 kids these days

Kelley is an unabridged version of kelly, off P-rats. Sorta like if tera melos was a band in the mid 90s
I remember the 90s they were insane
it would be super sick if they played kelley live

You'll recognize purple n' stripes if youre familiar with t-mel's c. 2k9 set list. The song is a good halfway mark between complex's sound and P-rats sound. Understand why they chose not to put it on the real album. Not really enough p-rats vibes coming off of it to warrant it albumnization

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