Saturday, February 12, 2011

feelin brutal pt. 2 NLS

dead bro

if i had to guess i would say this bro was just minding his own buissness takin out his garbage when al the sudden this trashman truck squashed him 

 if i had to guess i would say this is another man with fuckin weirdo syndrome

just sum heads in some bags

If i had to guess i would say this guy got smashed by that concrete block 

 this 1 is kinda sad. pregnant woman gets shot. bullet penetrates fetus. both die instantly.

 'jeff wtf are u doin in here, you need to clean this bathroom up bro its gross...'
(moves in closer to jeff)
 'yo jeff what are you doin bro'

'no face' 

 shot through the temple, forcing the eyes to bulge from thr socks

 damn str8 gutted

this is Jim Jones, popular rapper and recording artist responsible for the hit single and negro phrase BAAAALLLLLLIIINNNN. He was also the leader of a cult, where a bunch of ppl thought he was god, but really he was just a rapper. on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in his settlement by either forcefully or voluntarily drinking cyanide. The pics that follow are from said event 

 end jonestown pix

this 1 is kinda sad. a mom killed her son and infant daughter. god probly told her to do it

 pretzel babe (dat ass)

 (a) b4 surgery      (b) after surgery

 this 1 is kinda sad

 'welp according to my schematics it appears the victim has no pulse'

 ok this story claims that this bro got x-treamly effed up on meth and cut open his stomach because he thought it would be cool. Apparently he lived 2 tell the tale. this is a good 'welp' pic

 appears 2b some sort of penis noodle Alfredo combo

 poor guy

i wonder what could force someone to kill themselves near the end of their life. maybe his wife died or something. kinda sad

end pt.2 


  1. dude i really enjoyed the post before this and this one. i am really diggin the penis noodle alfredo combo pic. good work

  2. Hey I think you've got the 2 Jim Jones confused together - Jim Jones the rapper and Reverend Jim Jones.

  3. Pretty sure that the person in the pic who's face is sort of melted face with colourful scarf around head and no longer has eyes or eyelids is a Female, and Victim of an attempted so called 'honour' killing... She did something to 'dishonour' her family like go get herself RAPED, or talk to a strange man or go outside without a male relative to escort her or something EQUALLY 'dishonourable' that pissed someone in her family or in laws family... Who then set her on fire. :'",(

  4. What's so funny about other peoples suffering , Asshole ?