Sunday, September 19, 2010

emotional bros


Hayworth called it quits earlier this year, long before they ever should have. They played a unique mix of grind and punk, with some heavy Daughters and Me and Him Call it Us influence.  They released two amazing full length albums and some not so amazing EPs. The lyrics were real as fuck, honest, and super personal, mainly dealing with depression and how (teenage) life on earth is shitty as fuck. My favorite part about tha worth are the vocals. Evin's(guit) vocals are some of the most amazing vox I've ever heard. He has a squeakyness/high pitched girly aspect that I fucking eat up. Listen fuck yeah, off thunder/lighting, the vocal line "Miss clitoris its nice to meet you, ID LOVE A TOUR OF YOUR LOVELY HOME. that shit is rad. Zack, drumr, chimes in every now and then with some brutally low lows and some throat rippin highs. The bassist will yell some shit in a punk like fashion sometimes, which is rad. Amazing band, so sad/pissed that they broke up. My only complaint with the worth is that they wore their daughters influence on their sleeves a bit too much, but hey daughters is awesome so what ev

"I now pronounce you fucked and depressed" (2010)

"I hope the thunder and lighting kill you" (2009)

Admiral Angry
Admiral Angry is literally the most brutal band I have ever heard in my lifetime. If you dont believe me go listen to the opening of blowdown off buster... aight you get it now. They play a style of sludge/doom that incorporates a little bit of bro sensibility via breakdowns from the pits of Satan's bowels. Im neither a sludge nor doom guy (cept sunn o), but AA has become one of my favorite bands with in the short time I've listened to em. The vocalist is one fucking tortured soul. With lyrics about smoking meth and crushing up Valium in the bathroom of a bar because hes so fucking distraught over a some bitch he loves, thats probly fucking some bro, because she does not give a shit about him. But lyrics aside (if he writes them) hes one of my favorite vocalists purely based on his style, the emotion spews out of his vocal chords every time he opens his mouth. The drummer is probably my favorite part of the band. You can hear the swag in every kick, every snare pop, every smack of the crash, hes the perfect back bone, holding together the jumble of negative emotions that AA bellows out of their souls. Sometimes there are these passages of just drums, playing some sick ass groove, and it just pumps you up causer you know whats comin... you know theyre about to kill the fuck out of you, and it builds the suspense so well. The guitarist, Danial Krauss, was the brain child behind the band. From his head, the disturbing aura of AA was born. At 22 years old, DK passed away from complications of cystic fibrosis adding to the wave of raw emotion that follows AA around. Yo DK, if you can read the internet wherever you are, I want you to know that I fucking love you and your music. Youre amazing breh. Their debut LP, buster, is the most crushing thing ever written. I wasnt too impressed with the EP, A Fire to Burn down the World, but Im pretty sure they released it after DK's passing. 


"Buster" (2008)

"A fire to burn down the world" (2010)

thats all the time we have today kids, go listen to tha worth and AA and get yo pissed off/depressed/hate that worlds because its gay emotions on.... traviiiiiiiiiiiie 

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