Thursday, November 4, 2010

Outsider Art bro

Outsider Art is a term given to any art that was created outside of official culture. It most commonly attributed to works created by those who are considered mentally insane. fuck yeah

Outsider art, imo, is one of the truest forms of art. The works are usually found after the death of the artist. This means the audience for which the art was created was for no one other than the artist, art made purely for the self. Theres a certain honesty that can be found in outsider art vs conventional art, they arent making easily edible shit to sell to the masses, theyre just making whatever the fuck they want, which is how all art should be.

Another intriguing concept brought forth by outsider art is that these people most likely received little to no training in design and color theory and such and thus learn it on their own, sorta relating back to the honest trait i mentioned earlier. No rules or formulas, just expression.

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