Friday, February 25, 2011

nick reinhart kills marnie stern

Marnie: HEY YO NICKY CAN YOU DO THIS ON THE GUITAR!?? (plays some dumb yet undeniably catchy tap riff)

Nick: .....



nick: oh dear god what have i done... how could i have done this? i only booked this tour so i could talk to you and feel your warm embrace every night. I thought one night when it got cold... you would have asked to snuggle with me... it would have been nice... 


Nick: he he he but really it was all a part of my master plan. now with marnie gone tera melos can assume position as pitchfork's resident mathrock musician

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

swag search (wish u nvr knew)

This is an exclusive single i made for Crash Symbol's new compilation, Dope Valley Fuck. download it or something

Friday, February 18, 2011

the search for EARL


Earl, my fave OF member, is somewhere
'but where?' say two internet men
will they ever find him?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OFWGKTA (a post by mtt cpr)

For the past week, basically all I've been listening to is Odd Future.  Check my if you don't believe me.  They're young skater dudes from Cali who can out-rap practically anyone in the game, and they do it with swag-vulgarity.  You can download all their mixtapes, albums, and see what they're doing at

Odd Future AKA Wolf Gang AKA Golf Wang AKA OFWGKTADGAF is 11 members deep.

The leader/founder of OF is Tyler, The Creator, who is 19.  He makes a good majority of the beats for Golf Wang, and they usually encompass bassy, droney beats with minimalistic melodies, perfect for their evil and offensive verses. He just released a new music video from his upcoming album Goblin called "Yonkers", and it's pretty shocking/slightly NWS, which is fucking awesome.

This is another awesome one from his well-received album, Bastard.

Tyler's younger brother, Earl Sweatshirt (16), is the 2nd out of 2 (must run in the family) god tier rappers in the group.  Unfortunately, right after his album,Earl dropped, his mom sent him to boot camp, cause she's a bitch, i guess.
This is the crazy-awesome album art and the title track music video (the first thing I saw from anything OF)


Other guys from Wolf Gang (who unfortunately I haven't gotten into as much so I won't post music) include Hodgy Beats (rapper) and Left Brain (producer), who together form MellowHypeDomo GenesisJasper Loc aka Jasper Dolphin, The Jet Age of Tomorrow (producer of sick sci-fi beats), Mike GFrank OceanSyd tha Kid, and Taco Bennett.

These dudes are also hilarious:

Oh and by the way, they'll be on LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON on 2/16, so get with it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

feelin brutal pt. 2 NLS

dead bro

if i had to guess i would say this bro was just minding his own buissness takin out his garbage when al the sudden this trashman truck squashed him 

 if i had to guess i would say this is another man with fuckin weirdo syndrome

just sum heads in some bags

If i had to guess i would say this guy got smashed by that concrete block 

 this 1 is kinda sad. pregnant woman gets shot. bullet penetrates fetus. both die instantly.

 'jeff wtf are u doin in here, you need to clean this bathroom up bro its gross...'
(moves in closer to jeff)
 'yo jeff what are you doin bro'

'no face' 

 shot through the temple, forcing the eyes to bulge from thr socks

 damn str8 gutted

this is Jim Jones, popular rapper and recording artist responsible for the hit single and negro phrase BAAAALLLLLLIIINNNN. He was also the leader of a cult, where a bunch of ppl thought he was god, but really he was just a rapper. on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in his settlement by either forcefully or voluntarily drinking cyanide. The pics that follow are from said event 

 end jonestown pix

this 1 is kinda sad. a mom killed her son and infant daughter. god probly told her to do it

 pretzel babe (dat ass)

 (a) b4 surgery      (b) after surgery

 this 1 is kinda sad

 'welp according to my schematics it appears the victim has no pulse'

 ok this story claims that this bro got x-treamly effed up on meth and cut open his stomach because he thought it would be cool. Apparently he lived 2 tell the tale. this is a good 'welp' pic

 appears 2b some sort of penis noodle Alfredo combo

 poor guy

i wonder what could force someone to kill themselves near the end of their life. maybe his wife died or something. kinda sad

end pt.2 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

highly trained women

this is a highly trained woman/female

good work

this pic comes from

2 highly trained female friends at luncheon 2gether

appears to be some highly trained stripper combo

looks like a highly trained woman celebrating her birthday at a nice resturaunt

gotta respect this hoighly trained  woman for going big and not going home and going all the way by revealing her true form

as we can see here, her clitorical member is now evolving into a penis. a skill had only by highly highly trained woman, gained only through years of hard work and skilled labor

vintage highly trained woman prob from the 70's era when the cultural movement was in its grass roots

highly trained babe

not exactly highly trained more like very trained. an entry level highly trained female

you can see the confidence shining through her smile

Sunday, February 6, 2011

aiah photoshoot 2k11


some ppl just dont have it ya know

matt's foot

tom is the guitarist in a band called BIGOT. He got BIGOT tattooed on his back. I put my balls on his face and it was funny 

Cem (left) is the vocalist of BIGOT, Pat is the drummer. They are an isle ate her's #1 fanz. and they are faggots


dunno where matts at

dunno where collins at

thats eric's hand