Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunshine Lee and Chz talk on fb chat #veryrare

Sunshine Lee is the talented and famed actress from Tim and Eric produced comedies. she is also steve brule's cousin

here she is at the premiere of billion dollar movie, guess she just got back from hogwartz/cult meeting or something idk

in a feat of blind rage sunshine messaged probly all her fb friends trying to get them to sign her petition abt a teacher who bullied her 4 being a christian. i was one of those ppl.

follow the link and it takes you here

#wow very gut wrenching story of illegal bullying in da school system, sorry u had 2 go thru that sunshine

sunshine believes in #onelove
tim and eric are both very cool. good 2 know, weight off my shoulders. guess she doesnt know if they have kids or not tho

guess she doesnt know if they have grandkids either smh. her fave colors are purple and yellow, complementary colors, very interesting. might represent her conflicted struggles as being a christian on tim and eric. #metaphors. she also finds humor in this valentine card depicting when she met steve brule and found out they were cousins. sunshine was surprised but ok with it. steve was pissed tho cause he wanted 2 bang her

makin sure im a fan of her fb page, gettin 2 da money no doubt. 
thought she might enjoy this #classic s. beezy track

surprised sunshine picked up on the bob marley influence, she knows her music stuff!
shouts out 2 stanky dank

doesnt really like sam and dmitriy's rap names, however she loves jamaica. the 70s were pretty cool from what i gathered from our convo.
also def smoked hella dank ass purp blunts in jamaica no doubt, probly just keepin it pg-13 fo da fans, but i found this pic on da internet

had 2 rebbot the comp, i feel dat. i thought this was the last time i would hear from sunshine....
i was wrong

3 min l8r

had 2 get real with her for a sec an let her know i was jk abt bullying christians. since she is a very #esteemed actor shes gotta rehearse ya feel me? gotta get that paper i feel dat

i thought this was the last time i would hear from sunshine....
i was wrong

2 min l8r


wow nvr thought id talk 2 sunshine lee on fb chat what a great moment in my life. i told her to hmu l8r maybe she will....

check out some of sunshine's most esteemed work as an actress

i wonder what sunshine lee is thinking abt right now