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earrings flashing bright like a blinker when i hold my wrist up its a turn signal

I like making music. Ever since i discovered that I was capable of writing songs (circa 2k5 maybe?) i never quit doing it. Theres an effing huge amount of variety in the music I make, from project to project, album to album, song to song, verse to chorus. Thats something i've always tried to do, explore all that I can possibly explore. It sumthin im p proud of too. so newayz if you dont like one thing maybe if you move on to the next one you might might here some bleeps or bloops that you can dig. All i ask is give it a good listen, maybe two just maybe, and think about what youre hearing.

these are the latest releases from every musical project im involved in right now.

<a href="">Desiderium EP by An Isle Ate Her</a>

An Isle Ate Her- Desiderium
1.Appetency: Fed Through the Mouth of Optimism, Shat Out the Asshole of Futility 01:10
2.Selvage: A Public Demonstration of Self-Immolation 00:23
3.2000 mg Deep: Where Dem J-Papes At? 01:31
4.Landsraad: The Onerous Combustion (free) 02:53
5.Tributary: Restitution Passed the Event Horizon 02:37
6.A Core And Some Seeds 03:42

This is my band's (wife, child, past, future, ect.) debut EP. We shred tech grind. I do vocals and help out with song writing. We've been playing together for around 3 or 4 years now in dif bands and dif projects. I never want to quit playing in this band, i never want to quit playing with the two dudes im playing with now. They are my best friends/ brothers/ husbands. completly forgot that i was talkin about the EP... neways it follows a concept. Ill explain it NOW!

Im gonna try and keep it short as I can

On a terrestrial rock orbiting twin suns there exists a race of light-consuming organisms who's race has evolved to a point where they can no longer die nor reproduce, their physical shells nearly impervious to deconstruction, communication between cells combined with rapid cellular growth able to reconstruct lacerations of any sort. They had reached the top of an evolutionary plateau. With the gift of an infinite lifespan, The Immortal Species were able to create sciences and mathematics which consummately defined the multiverse and all which was in it. In an effort to understand the flow of life and their own origins, The Immortal Species conducted the largest scale experiment they had ever attempted. After an extensive period of atmospheric confuguring to a planet in an nearby star system, a flying urn carrying the simplest components of life landed in the waters of what they dubbed "0". Billions of rotations passed as 0 changed, all the while The Immortal Species observed, only traveling there for experimentation. Interest arose as the primate, but more importantly, it's imagination was conceived. The primate was able to understand on a level far much greater than it's planetary cousins. "Rogue Immortals" would visit 0 with personal gain in mind, to ease the pain of a species-exclusive disorder The Immortal Species called "God's Boredom". They would come cloaked in the flesh man, appearing to be one in the same. The primates were in awe of the sciences their unbeknown creators possessed mistaking them for acts of god. Followings formed behind the heavenly visitors, growing until organizations of faith had been fully realized. The home world dealt with rogues through passive abducted. The meddling of the rogues had grown exponentially sour with the passing of time, leading to world wide delusions of a celestial father. The experiment was deemed faulty due to interference and 0 was abandoned. All Rogue Immortals were sent shot into the farthest reaches of space in different directions from one another, what became of them varied greatly on where they landed, if they did land. One said Rogue, using gravitational sling shots and riding the dust of comets, journeyed back to 0. The millennia of migrating across the universe alone mentally damaged the rogue. This time led to personal mutations in the chemistry of the rogue altering him from the rest of his brothers. He began thinking of death. Death had never been thought of, at least under the context of himself dying. Upon arriving to 0 he finally saw what the rogues had truly done. They had come bearing the right ideas, teaching morals, morals they had realized would benefit the primates from observing them, but something was lost in translation. His intervening had resulted in war, slavery, inequality, racism... contrary to his school of thought, the books they created were contrary to his school of thought, he had become contrary to his school of thought. In this instant he felt... felt a sensation. The longing for nothingness consumed him in an instant. This is where the second part of the rogue's journey begins.

"Appetency: Fed Through the Mouth of Optimism, Shat Out the Asshole of Futility": Everything is incapable of damging his shell, much less killing him. He turns to himself, inside out, he begins to eat. eat him self. as he eats he shits himself out, and he slowly regenerates. its a cycle which ultimately fails.

"Selvage: A Public Demonstration of Self-Immolation": The Rogue makes himself publically known as an extraterrestrial by burning himself in the middle of times square. As he burns, his hologram disguise stutters, revealing his true form. world wide panic ensues, after the flames realize his uncombustability he flees the scene.

"2000 mg Deep: Where Dem J-Papes At? ": Learning about various ways humans have tried killing themselves, rogue ingests 2000 mg of Oxymorphone and has an interesting experience, but doesn't die.

"Landsraad: The Onerous Combustion": the rogue stands a top a volcano, spewing lava around him, had he been anytihng other than what he is he would have already been ashed. With a breath off relif he thrusts himself into the volcano's mouth. He slowly disintegrates into specks of life as he sinks into the earth. Over the course of thousands of years the atoms that make up his self float through out earth lava chambers. Unsurprisingly he wakes up fully reformed floating in the ocean. Over the thousands of years he floated, humans gain technology that the rogue might be able to use to his advantage...

"Tributary: Restitution Passed the Event Horizon": The rogue belives the only way to kill himself would be being reduced to a singularity. Using the advanced technology of the humans, the rogue creates a bomb which is able to release enough energy to tear space time. This creates a blackhole which in turn pulls everything into its swirling jaws, the earth, the moon, the sun, the planets, and the rogue.

<a href="">So, Childish by Chaz Bell</a>

Chaz Bell- So, Childish
1.Hidden Power (Fanfare for the Common Child) 00:15
2.I Really Thought You'd Call 02:10
3.Itchy Itchy Nose 00:58
4.Morning Bowl 01:41
5.Revelations Discovered 02:09
6.Cheeze Ball 02:59
7.Mid 90's Christmas 01:49
8.PkMnaPkMnfPkMnk 01:05
9.My Darling... May her guts rot in Hell 04:36
10.Wooo Oooo Ooo (Runner's Theme) 02:22
11.Dream Flashback 01:40
12.All I Could Ever Want 03:58
13.All I Could Ever Need 02:14
14.Psilocybin 03:31
15.Domineering Pluto in Calculating Capricorn 01:42
16.Be Cool, Be Confident 00:31
17.Was this all because of me? 05:04
18.Send Us to Sleep, Oh Penguin King! 05:46

I have a solo project that ive been doing since around 2k5. I never really know how to describe my solo music, because it doesnt really sound like any other artists ive heard, that sounded pretty ass but what ev. Math Rock influenced 8 bit progressive pop music? sumtihn like that. I've released a hand ful of EPs and LPs, some im proud of/some im completly embarrased by, ie. those 2k5 songs. This is my latest full length, I'ts called "So, Childish". The songs, musically and lyrically, are inspired by my childhood and knowing that I'll never be able to go back there again. This album is a musical representation of where I was when I wrote the songs, feeling like I'll never grow up and going through life with the mind of a child.

<a href="">all the girls i know all of them by Hips Like Cinderella</a>

Hips Like Cinderella- All the Girls I Know All of Them

1. Short Hair 02:32
2.Haunting Thoughts of You 03:14

This is my most recent musical happening. Uhhh i guess im trying to do a lofi/surf rock/lil bit of shoegaze/ early 90's alt rock thing with honest, real as fuck lyrics aka singing songs about gurlz. I play guitar and sing, did everything else for the recordings. This project is in it's infantile stage so who knows what the fuck kind of changes it might go through only got two songs up right now, writin a EP...

<a href="">Hip Hop Beats (hit me me up if you want on them) by Chaz Bell</a>

Over the past few years year I've really gotten into hip hop, mainstream and underground. I made these beats for fun/ for money. I just wanna sell these shits to some rappers, make mad bank, meet some famous rappers, smoke weed with some phat rhymists ect ect. CC1 is sampled from that mario castle level, CC2 is sampled from FlyLo- galaxy in janaki ( if you havent heard it do your self a favor and DL FlyLo's 'Cosmogramma') the rest are completely origional

frreE downloads of these songs at:

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