Saturday, January 15, 2011

bros 4 life

Everyone responsible for these posts, despite what you say or i say, are my bros/babes for life
'usually a bit suspicious when artists try to solicit my attention via @reply' -hahaha ye.
'speaker-blowing slacker anthem' -hell yes
'that classic MBV bending guitar line' -MBV reference is awsm/spot on
'heavy as fuck shitgaze ode to feeling numb and lost' -perfect
'pretty much swept me off my feet like a knight in shining armor might do to a Disney princess' -haha YES, awesome.
'That song sounds like Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark covering ivansxtc, with its back-of-the-throat New Wave vocals sung on top of a slow-dance, shoe-gaze song structure' -dont rly know what a lot of that means
germany or some shit, swayt
'Yes their name is a Pixies reference'- feel like i will 4evr get shit for this
'While listening to this EP for the first time my roommate turned on the vacuum cleaner in the other room, and it took me about 45 seconds to realize it wasn't part of the song'- bahahahaha awww yeah, thats pretty good.
hey u just copy and pasted not cool bro
Tyler is my bro, he discovered me
'how are we all feeling about Pixies-lyrics-as-band-names these days? Passé? No?' -its gay
'Haunting Thoughts of You has a weird, reaching middle section but a redemptive, transcendent closing chapter' -completely agree wit all dis
'cooing falsettos' -awww yeeeeah
'Der neue Song von Hips Like Cinderella passt sich wunderbar in die bereits zuvor erschienen Songs der EP ein!' -YE DUUDE
'It's Sleigh Bells meets Neon Indian' -...wat
'intensified by the deeply introspective lyrics'- wow first time anyones said anything about the lyrics
' I also appreciate the accompanying description for reasons I cannot explain - "check it out bby gurl"' girls love 2 be called bby gurl
'Hips Like Cinderella (Pixies)' -hips like cinderella (took band name from pixies lyrics)
'which for the record, is one of THE GREATEST band names I've heard in a long time!' -thx i stole it from the pixies in case you didnt notice
'The "Atlanta" tag seems to convey that Bell is an Atlanta native' I, Bell, am indeed an atlanta native
'Badass Atlanta shitgaze/shoegaze' -awww yeeah
'/post-sludge' -wat
'it will rape your eardrums' -it will rape you sweetly

ridin the blogbuzz wave for 5 min

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