Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 videos of shitty lil rappers getting punched in the face that were posted on my facebook wall today

Gudda Gudda: Im Gudda Gudda
Mack Maine: And bitch im mack maiyeeyaaayeeeyaaine
Lil Chuckee: (veeeeuuummmp) sup guys
Lil Chuckee: check out this balloon i got
Lil Chuckee: im gonna throw it
Lil Chuckee: i bet wayne will think thats cool, i hope he thinks im cool, i wanna be just like him
Lil Wayne: I am gonna punch the shit out of you
Lil Chuckee: Yeah look at that balloon i just threw, looks cool
Lil Wayne: oh that lil nigga just threw a balloon i am def gonna punch the shit out of him
Lil Wayne: :)
(punches lil chuckee)
Lil Wayne: >:(
Lil Wayne: :)

Lil Chuckee: I love you lil wayne

Guy: yo whuddup we here wit lil b (the based god) havin a interview at a house
Lil B (the based god): yo its all about stayin positive and livin yo life
Lil B (the based god): you do what you gotta do, stay positive you feel me
Lil B (the based god): keepin dat shit real ya feel me do whatchu do
Lil B (the based god): I fucked yo bitch
Guy: what
Lil B (the based god): I fucked yo bitch cause i look like jesus mixed with bill gates
Lil B (the based god): you already know
Lil B (the based god): aww god damn based god i got a text message
Guy: -__-
(punches the shit out of Lil B [the based god])
Lil B (the based god): HEY
Guy: (rly punches the shit out of lil b [the based god])
Guy: holy shit i just punched lil b (the based god) i gotta get the fuck outta here
Guy: peace bitches
Lil B (the based god): God damn based god... swag

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