Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So a few weeks ago my boi gucci mane la flare got committed to a mental facility. now in all my years of experience what this usually means is that you got busted for something pretty nasty and in turn plead insanity 2 get off the hook without dealing with the bullshit. in an attempt to further trick the judge that he is insane, he got a effing ice cream cone with 3 scoops tat tatted on his effing face.

'who insane now bitch? yaaaaaaa'-Gucci Mane (La Flame)

he might be trying to make zach hill think that he is cool and not a retard

'yeah zach hill is going to think that this is cool' -Gucci Mane

lets think about gucci mane for a sec through his prolific art

remember this one of his first humongo hits, he wasnt crazy back then. or maybe he was i dunno
nicki minaj is in this video 4 sum reason, gooch prob thought he could get it in

I think this verse was Gucci's Peak
ear rings flashin bright like a blinker when i hold my wrist up its a turn signal

This blew my mind when i 1st heard it
i was like wtf this is crazy for gucci
but at the same time i was like awwwww yeeeeeaah
prob my fave gucci track of all time

best track off The Appeal, a failure of an album
there are some rly effective BRRRs on this track

which brings me to my 3rd point: gucci made an official statement the other day saying that its spelled BRRR, that there is in fact no U, even tho i def have an effing gucci mane shirt that def says BURRR  on it

maybe gucci mane is trying to make a shout out to Dorrough

You can rly see the tears swelling up in gucci's eyes after he has realized what he has done
I cant believe i had to do this to my beautiful face just so i could trick the judge into thinking i am insane   -gooch

'I cant believe gucci mane just got me to tattoo an ice cream paint job face tat on his face' -tattoo guy

'what happened to the old gooch?' -me

c u l8r old gucci

hello facetat gooch

i wonder what gucci mane is doing right now

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