Friday, May 3, 2013

H | p s - 'sorry babe' live (basement session)

Hips performing 'sorry babe' from the album 'H \ P S' in a basement

so sorry babe 
i cant be yr man 
im just a boy 
with steady sweaty hands 
so what i gotta lot 
of good things goin for me 
but i dont got the one single thing i need 
you know yr right 
i dont care at all 
didnt hear a word 
i just laughed it off 
i cant eat i 
cant sleep 
just the thought 
oh it makes me weep 
cause its all so fucked up, whats it worth, is it even enough 
im such a slut 
cant get out of the cut 
but dont get me wrong 
im just ~lookin 4 luv~ 
everything was square 
i felt yr sensless mystique 
i was on top of the world 
when you were on top of me 
but now its all so fucked up whats it worth is it even enough

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