Thursday, March 14, 2013

H | P S - GLOB (official video)

a song from EDEA, the split ep with DUDES

these sweats out of fear 
a gouge in my ear 
your voice makes me shiver 
as i stand out the clear 
we swing and we swayed 
the whole month of may 
and i sang and i shouted 
as i sank in the gray 
your lips pushed me further 
ever so assertive 
marks made by maybes 
on a bed that you nurtured 
and ive seen weeks of rain 
each drop called my name 
they bust and they rupture 
like the veins of industry 

things dont have to be this way 

we danced in your dreams 
the only place it seems 
where we can be around each other 
without our minds on other things 
damaged a frayed 
forgotten in the shade 
slowly being buried 
through months of decay 
the girls gave chills 
snorting good thrills 
a memory forgotten 
payed by 20 dollar bills 
me and my friends 
all of us our dead 
but thats alright i like it 
wouldnt take shit instead 

things dont have to be this way

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