Friday, December 31, 2010

Leo Clements - The Obnoxious Voice of... (free album download)

1. Cutss
2. Chuggah
3. Where I Live
4. Sugar
5. Sick Day
6. No Fucking Cat
7. No Joy
8. Breadwich
9. Bit Odd
10. Snowflake
11. Acid'd Out to Fuck, Mate (At Creamfields)
12. How I did it

My bro Leo (from ireland) has compiled a compilation of 'demos and shit' and subsequently slapped them together in a rar file and is giving it to ppl 4 free. He called it "The Obnoxious Voice of...", an ode to his own voice. Hes got lyrics about how ireland sucks and how ireland's poor ppl are 'getting fucked in the ass'.

Heres a quote abt his song 'no joy' and its lyrics.
Well, the song I'm most satisfied with on that front is No Joy
It was just a shitty poem about how sometimes my ego got the better of me and I felt like I knew more than my parents and friends and shit. Made total sense to me at the time.
Then I came back, and it didn't quite feel the same
So in the middle of the song I put a spoken word piece about a scientist trying to distill a substance (representative of the pure idea) and being really happy with the result. He comes back the next day and it's still there in it's beaker, but it's visibly changed
The first verse and chorus repeats again, chopped and edited slightly before the sample falls to pieces at the seams
pretty cool

About song titles
Well a lot of it is somewhat arbitrarily named. Experiments and things like that which I just needed to call something beyond 'Untitled 1,2,3 etc'
Sick Day for example is something I made when I was sick. It's a sample of me coughing slowed down
I noticed that I could fit a drum beat in there with one of the snares off the natural beat
so it's kinda like 'sick' in terms of being musically uncomfortably placed
Like that bit, or the one from the other day?

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  1. I just found a bunch of songs Leo had sent to us over the white ninja forum, been listening to them all morning, really cool stuff. Glad I found this