Thursday, December 9, 2010

gr8 grinders pt 1

my fave part of a traditional grindcore song is, what I like to call, The Head Bang Blast Beat. This phenom occurs only when the BLASTBEATat hand in conjunction the tha RIFFF is forcing you to hurt yrself while head bangin. This occures x10 when everything stops and guitar bro starts playing a sick riff then the drmr intros it in with tom filll  BIGGADIGGADIGGADIGGADIGGAPSHHHHH the BAM.... Head bang blast beat. the hebbby. tha h-b-b-b. the h triple b. the hib.

these are some gr8 grind albums 4 u to own

Gridlink - Amber Gray (2008)

Vocalist Jon Chang (Discordant Axis, Hayaino Daisuki) kicks a sorst nut sacks, unleashing his trademark vocals over blistering hbbbs

Phobia - 22 Acts Of Random Violence (2008)


    In Disgust / P.L.F. - Pray For Death / Visions Of Your Own Death

    literally could not find any tracks from the ep on the youtubes, wtf is that shit. so thisa live willa have to do.

    Wormrot - Abuse (2009)

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