Monday, October 25, 2010

What is the meaning of life? I dont know why there are philosophical debates over this, and why everyone thinks its a question that will never be answered. It's something so plain in sight, so blatantly obvious that the only conclusion I can come to is the masses are simply too scared to go through the thought process that im about to take you through.

The meaning of life is to survive and procreate. That is the only reason we, all of us, are here. But for a while now humanity hasn't had to work for survival. We've created a system, a series of automations, to survive for us- thus taking away the meaning of life.

People have tried to fill this hole with all sorts of things. We created religion. We created drugs. We created television. We created the internet. All these things, whether the act was conscious or not, were made to fill the void of meaningless existence, but none of things can truly fill that void.

...well religious people will tell you otherwise, but thats only because they are so driven by their delusion that it actually does give some sort of meaning to their lives, and thats all that matters to them. They ignore the swiss cheese pattern covering their belief system and just go with it.

The same can be said of people who use drugs. So fed up with reality, and ungullible to religion's happiness, they use drugs to escape the shithole of a world we live in. They ignore the health effects and continue to use. Same sitch for tv watchers/internet users.

Life is meaningless

Well there is only one true meaning in life still left. Relationships with other people. The bonds you share with friends are the only thing you truly have. Family doesnt count because they're supposed to love you. That might seem harsh but its the truth, your family only loves you because they have to, because of some biological trait gained through evolution. Relationships with friends hold some weight in meaning, but its not like we talk about literally everything that think about. A lot of us dont want our friends to know that were suicidally depressed so we dont talk about it, taking away a lot of the meaning in friendship.

The thing in life that holds the most meaning, maybe except for the care of your own child, is that of a
romantic relationship. You can never be as intimate with a friend as you can a romantic partner, thats obvious. The most meaningful thing that i could possibly obtain at this point in my life is a girl who likes me as much as i like her, but thats a lot to ask of someone. Theres always going to be someone better and more suited for this girl than you, you cant force a person to love you if they simply cant.

with the knowledge that religion is superstition
with the knowledge that drugs will hurt you
with the knowledge that TV and the internet are just distractions
without meaningful bonds between friends
without romance

what is the point to living?

And with that we are left with the answer. We should all kill ourselves, every last one of us should just kill ourselves. But heaven isnt real. So killing yourself is kind of stupid. so really it all boils down to this, your life will always be shitty and theres nothing you can do about it

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