Sunday, October 24, 2010

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long time

Salem- Asia

I first heard of salem by watching a live video. They fucking mad sucked like insanely hard, but for some reason i was intrigued. Salem really has grown on me, even if they sound like an asshole live. I am really really really diggin this video. The aesthetic of digital grain is something ive been pretty interested in lately, its something i want to experiment more with. It seems like it'll be one of the next artistic fads if you dont already consider it one. this aesthetic is visually on par with the audio, complementing the drug soaked haziness that the music is realized through.

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Never Understand

I discovered the J/M chain through getting into shoegaze bands and from there learning that j/m chain was a major influence for these bands. Fueled by the drive of brothers Jim (vox)and William (guit)jmchain made audiences aware of the appreciation and preferation (new word i made up, p sweet right?) for rawness versus production. Its safe to say feedback is one of the band's defining characteristics, along with Jims dont give a shit vox and wills only gonna play guitar just enough guitar playing (and on this release the minimalistic/standing drum approach by drummer Bobby Gillespie). huge influence on me and everyone else in the indie rock realm, even if they dont know it.

you never understand me, you never understand me yeah

Waka Flocka Flame- Homies Ft. YG Hootie, Popa Smurf, & Ice Burgundy

Lemme set some shit straight. I think flocka is a horrible rapper. like hes one of the worst rappers to come out in the last 10 years, a true representation of the growing disease of laziness thats so fucking prevalent in our generation, Flocka has sated that "lyrics dont matter" which is kinda funny because thats pretty much the only thing that a rapper has to worry about. But lets look at this a dif way. Flocka says lyrics dont matter, aka you should base your love for music off of how it sounds rather than what someones saying, which is something i completely agree with and have always thought. anyways Prob getting way too deep into this, it is flocka after all. So despite flockas shitiness i love his new album Flockaveli. Shits hard as shit. I chose homies cause the hook is insanely phat. Song becomes a comedian at 5:00. just ff to that if your not feelin it

The Telescopes- The Perfect Needle
real versh

Live versh

This is really an amazing song. A quintessential shoegaze album/song. The lyrics "hurts too much to be where you are" coupled with "I've got the perfect needle" tell a sad sad story-> It hurts too much to be around the girl of my dreams because she doesnt feel the same way, but I have the perfect thing that takes away all the pain, a syringe filled with H. Posted the live versh to give you an idea of the souls behind it, posted the real versh cause everything except the guit and vox are relatively inaudible. do opiates and be depressed about a girl and listen to this song

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