Monday, November 14, 2011

New Hip Hop Project GUTSPILL

heres the first single, Pill Guts

What the fuck is rapping Never do this shit again 

Im a one hit wonder down to fucking burn for sin 
I made this beat in an hour never do this shit again 
Put your dick on the counter let the circle jerk begin 
I never knew how easily it would be to dissect myself from me 
I don’t even try don’t know why existential illusions ive lost my mind 
I died on the cross for you, so bury your head, and fuck your life 
Suck my dick to get into heaven, follow the trail of slime 

we destroy the rules lemme break it down for you me and my boy chazzer be the real mccoy makin all of you other rappers unemployed 
its pointless these joints pills weed join in my death as I pour out all of me for all you to see 
gutspill bitch pleasurin your ears like a symphony like you cant wait for the next line neither can I, green stop signs killin me nose blown goes to show should have kept my lips sewn asked and found it now the habits more like an addiction 
its going down like a million rounds of ammunition and she getting in an acrobatic position and lickin her glistenin lips and she touchin the tip and she drippin and imma be bustin a chip off my shoulder I told her quit holdin it in and she finishin and imma be givin her something to dip it in don’t be so sensitive you know Im kiddin bitch 
why so fuckin serious? am I too much for your ears to muster? makin you delirious from my lyrical thunderin? lemme make it clear, ill make ya fans disappear, end ya career, and leave you in tears motherfucker


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