Sunday, May 29, 2011

Youth On Pills

aight so i just put the album up, check it out, dl it for however much u want, tell your pals

So i wanted a lot of noise on this EP, a lot more than the last releases. Musically, its not all about the song. its about the song and the atmosphere that it sits in. I really wanted the songs to have a setting. theres a lot of non musical elements, that was also something i tried to do, using noise along side the music, its like using non objective markings in a painting of fully rendered woman. The music is trying so hard to breathe under suffocating layers of distortion and feedback and random noisez and fuzz, but under all that theres catchy hooks and memorable lines, you just have to take the time to find/notice them. Theyre pretty personal songs, The lyrics read like a diary. I want ppl to read these super personal and private thoughts and be like 'yo i feel dat'. Theres nothing better than spilling your guts to someone and then them feeling the same shit that you thought you only felt, i dunno its awesome, its why i do art, to connect with ppl. so ya check it out, free gucci, skinny niggas runnin shit

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