Monday, April 18, 2011

Recent Art

These pieces are probably the most conceptual work I've ever done. I used to be like 'nah nigga fuck you and yo concepts bitch it should just look cool' but lately ive realized that concepual work is just as cool.

Self portrait/portrait of the world, 18 x 24 in, watercolor, acrylic, ink on wood panel
This was my 1st assignment for drawing 3. We had to do a piece that represented the struggle between nature and man. I rendered myself as a girl because im more emotional/sensitive than your average dude bro. I prob would have been better off as a girl or gaybro, but alas. Thats rotting fruit under the figure. It shows that we turn to man made things and ignore the natural world to make us feel better. I dunno i think its kinda fucked up that we do that. I feel like i explained that shittily oh well

Self portrait, 25x16 in, ink on dictionary pgs
This concept isnt nearly as complex. I painted my self on a bunch of dictionary pages that were taped together. I then de-taped them and stuck them back together in a effed up way. I underlined a lot of words that i feel define me or what others feel define me. Its sorta about how your true persona is nothing what anyone thinks it is. We all think insanely fucked up thoughts that we never tell anyone about. My outwards persona and other ppls perception of me is 'shattered' in this 'truer' rendering

untitled, 14x18 in, graphite on paper
Honestly dunno really what this concept is but at the same time i know, ya know? I was having like a shitty as fuck day last quarter and i went into life drawing pissed/sad i dont rly remember, but all i do remember is that I drew like a piece of shit that day and what you see above was me trying to render a womans head as best i could. It fucking sucked. A few days ago i was cleaning my room and found the drawing from that class. For some reason i thought it look so fucking cool, so i took it and went back over the erased lines, and i dunno it just looked awesome. I guess its something about finding beauty in things you once thought were ugly or looking at something in a new way then respecting it.

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  1. moody drawings are the best. Frenetic lines in anger, or lethargic lines in can make for some really interesting stuff when it's not so controlled. Really interesting work though, I like your dark subjects.